Michelle Humphries

Michelle HumphriesTitle: Director of Laboratory Services
Company: Creative Testing Solutions
Location: Bedford, TX United States

Michelle Humphries has 25 years of experience in laboratory diagnostic services, and eight years as the director of laboratory services for the Texas-based diagnostic lab, Creative Testing Solutions, which offers diagnostic services, including blood donor screenings. She is responsible for managing a team of 30 people. Additionally, she ensures the quality of blood samples, oversees all blood donor testing and deviation management, and conducts viral marker tests.

Initially, Ms. Humphries became involved in her profession after gaining experience as a medical technician. She also received a Bachelor of Science, with a concentration in zoology, from Arizona State University. With her many years of experience, she is an expert on microbiology, quality assurance, FDA standards and regulations, health care and clinical research.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Humphries attributes her success to her technical knowledge of laboratory testing procedures. She also prides herself in her ability to view every day at work as a new day and new challenge. In addition to her work as the director of laboratory services, she has also written about topics in her field and industry, including “Implementation of Fully Automated Chemiluminescence HTLV-l/2 Assay” and “Reducing Syringes on the Ortho Summit Processor.”

Looking to her future and her career goals with Creative Testing Solutions, Ms. Humphries hopes to soon obtain a position as technical director. In addition, she is also a member of the South Central Association of Blood Banking and the American Association of Blood Banks. When she is not working, she enjoys reading and watching movies.

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