Barbara Ann Potter

Barbara Ann PotterTitle: President
Company: T.J. Potter Trucking
Location: Becker, MN United States

In 1984, Barbara Potter and her husband Todd began T.J. Potter Trucking, a trucking company that provides warehousing, transportation, storage, cross docking, bulk and dimensional loading, inventory control and distribution services. What started out as one truck and a desire to succeed is now, more than 30 years later, more than 30 trucks and 30 owner operators.

Ms. Potter became involved in her profession because her husband was a truck driver. Together, they have worked very hard to ensure that their company is constantly growing. Thanks to years of dedication to customer service, coupled with hard work, T.J. Potter Trucking has turned into the well-known trucking company it is today. Ms. Potter’s greatest accomplishment is starting a business from scratch and turning it into a thriving business. In addition to the trucking business, she also owns two other businesses: TJP Brokerage, Inc. and Becker Warehouse and Reload, Inc.

With her many years of experience and multiple successful businesses, Ms. Potter’s areas of expertise include finances, business vision and customer service. Her biggest career challenge has been trying to always be hands on with the employees, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. However, her ability to see the bigger picture, as well as her people and communication skills have certainly helped bring the company success.

Ms. Potter wants to be remembered for her kindness and work ethic, as well as her desire to help everyone and be there for people. When asked about her future plans, she intends to cut some of her hours, but she doesn’t plan on retiring. She wants to stay involved in growing the businesses, especially now that her three sons are working with her and her husband as well. In addition to her three businesses, Ms. Potter is a member of her local chamber of commerce and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. She is also a former board member of the Workforce of Minnesota.

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