Josee Dessureault

Dessureault, JoseeTitle: Quality Control Manager
Company: Alco-TMI Inc.
Location: Saguenay, QC Canada

When she was 30 years old, Josee Dessureault decided she needed a career change, so she went back to school to learn to become a welder. She studied for three months at Airbus in Toulouse, and then began studying to become a welding quality inspector. Now with more than 15 years in construction management and nine years in her current position with Alco-TMI Inc., she hopes to continue experiencing both personal and professional growth.

Alco-TMI Inc. is a manufacturer that provides services including the installation of pipes, mechanical and industrial boilers, and the repair, maintenance and installation of steam boilers and industrial mechanics. As the company’s quality control manager, Ms. Dessureault is responsible for overseeing all daily operations and all steps of installation, giving the authority to move forward on projects, and managing her team. She must also ensure that all manufactured products meet the highest quality standards. Her dedication to her profession has earned her the “Being a Woman in Nontraditional Work” recognition from the Provincial Contest.

Ms. Dessureault attributes her success to her temperament and her ability to find solutions through her resources. She never takes “no” as an answer, and credits herself for always trying to learn and stay one step ahead in her work. Her dedication and persistence separate her from others in her field. When Ms. Dessureault is not working, she enjoys reading, doing renovations on her home and fishing in the summer. She is also a supporter of the American Red Cross, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and a variety of national charities.

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