Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr

Barr, FrumiTitle: Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer
Company: Scaling 4 Growth
Location: Berkley, CA United States

Driven by her desire to help people, Frumi Barr founded her own management consulting business, Scaling 4 Growth. Through her company, she provides a safe environment for leaders and their teams to talk about what is needed to build profitable and sustainable organizations. She prepared for this career by obtaining a MBA and Ph.D., as well as a number of certifications as a board certified coach, including certification in mediation & conflict resolution, lean management and Gazelles coaching.

With 16 years of experience and excellent communication skills, Dr. Barr embraces and teaches the Gazelles strategic planning system and tools to help other organizations grow and develop without going broke. At Scaling 4 Growth, she has found her purpose: creating a place where people can freely and safely talk about what matters to them. She believes that by providing this safe space, companies can work together and build success. Embracing her role as a CEO coach, confidante and mentor, she is glad that she has found her purpose in life and is living it every day. She draws her inspiration from her mentor Simon John Sinek, as well as from others who know and live their purpose.

Professionally, Dr. Barr hopes to grow Scaling 4 Growth so that she can continue helping others. Outside of her work with her company, she supports C-Visions, the Goodwill of Orange County and other causes related to children, education and health care. In her free time, Dr. Barr enjoys walking by the lake, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Contact Dr. Frumi Rachel Barr:

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