Elizabeth Davis Roberts

Title: Director of Business and Competitive Intelligence
Company: Ericsson
Location: Plano, TX United States

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in communication arts from Austin College, Ms. Roberts eventually went on to Robert Kennedy College/University of Wales to earn an MBA. She is currently the director of business and competitive intelligence for the telecommunications company, Ericsson. In this position, she is responsible for managing market research, business intelligence and competitive intelligence projects and vendors and managing and completing research and analysis projects on an ad-hoc basis. She also participates in the Ericsson North America strategic planning process and works with internal organizations concerning business and competitive intelligence and market research. Additionally, she is also responsible for the Ericsson North America physical library and its team.

Ms. Roberts got involved in this career path when she became a librarian. The position grew out of the need for someone to provide research to the company on the market and business and competitive intelligence. Before she started with Ericcson, she worked as a page and library assistant for different libraries in Texas. In addition to her work, she is a member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, on the conference board for the Information Research & Management Council and a member of the Special Libraries Association.

Ms. Roberts attributes her success to her passion and love for what she does. She loves being able to share her knowledge with professionals and her team. She is very proud of the work she has done to help grow the company, and is constantly being inspired by the new challenges she faces on the job. Professionally, she hopes to continue to develop and grow her department to where she wants it, so that she can walk away from the department and it can continue to thrive. She then plans on pursuing a different role within the company, or possibly, a different career all together.

Ms. Roberts wants to be remembered as a good leader and the type of person who made a difference no matter how small. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, traveling, reading and antiquing.

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