Angela Avery

Avery, AngelaTitle: Safety Coordinator
Company: County of Sonoma, Department of Health Services
Location: Santa Rosa, CA United States

Angela Avery has been working with the Department of Health Services for the County of Sonoma, California for just about five years. In her current position as the department safety coordinator, she is responsible for training all employees on safety issues and maintaining and updating all safety plans. Additionally, she must track and respond to all injury and hazard reports and manage ergonomic programs. Ms. Avery also recently started working as the county’s interim local government agency coordinator for Medi-Cal Administrative Activities and Targeted Case Management. There, she is responsible for educating employees on how to code their time when participating in outreach, referral, case management, contracting and program development.

Looking to the future, Ms. Avery wants to be remembered as a woman who listened to problems and came up with solutions. Led by her people skills and her dedication to the community, her proudest career achievement so far has been taking the business from 25 evaluations per year to 150 using office ergonomics. She plans on continuing her work with the department for a few more years, and then looking to see what else the future holds for her.

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