Roni Aborn

Roni AbornTitle: Logistics Manager
Company: United States Air Force
Location: Huber Heights, OH United States

Roni Aborn enlisted in 1972 during the Vietnam War, and was one of the only women—and technical women—to do so. Following a passion for aircrafts and desire to see the world, she eventually landed a career with the United States Air Force.

For the past six years, Ms. Aborn has held a variety of positions with the Air Force, a job she is very passionate about. As the logistics manager, she is a part of the infrastructure that provides the best defensive and offensive tools, tactics, equipment, and all the logistics support needed to keep the war-fighters safe and take the adversaries out.

Ms. Aborn has achieved success in her career due to her intuition, intelligence and training. She is inspired by her patriotism and love for her country on a daily basis, and hopes to be remembered for this patriotism, as well as her ability to do her best. Looking to the future, Ms. Aborn hopes to be on the logistics team going to Italy. She is a member of the Logistics Officer’s Association and Chapter 97 of the Vietnam Veterans Association, and enjoys gardening a watching certain TV shows in her free time.

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