Elizabeth A. Bridges, Ph.D.

Elizabeth BridgesTitle: Language Arts Content Specialist
Company: Ohio Department of Education
Location: Columbus, OH United States

Driven by her desire to have an impact on the lives of children, Elizabeth Bridges has always felt that a career in education was her calling. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in education from Ohio Wesleyan University, she taught as an elementary school teacher. She eventually decided that she wanted to reach a broader range of students, as well as help teachers in the educational process, so she decided to return to school and earn her Master of Arts in children and adolescent literature and early childhood education, and then her Ph.D. in education, both from the Ohio State University.

Now, as a content specialist for the Ohio Department of Education, Dr. Bridges is responsible for providing professional development to K-12 teachers across the state. She also writes, edits and designs the ELA model curriculum that aligns to the Common Core State Standards. Always looking to be an advocate for children, she wants to be remembered as a person who truly loved children, and as someone who was a true advocate for them. When she is not working, Dr. Bridges is an avid reader, enjoys getting her regular massages and is a foster parent for the Buckeye Ranch.

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