Belinda Morandin

Belinda MorandinTitle: Winemaker Manager
Company: Morandin Estates Pty Ltd
Location: Griffith, NSW Australia

Belinda Morandin has been making wine since she was four years old, so the transition to owning her own vineyard and winery seemed a natural progression. After receiving diplomas in agriculture and personnel management, she held several positions as assistant and eventually senior and contract winemakers. For six years now, she has been the owner and winemaker manager for her own company, Morandin Estates.

With more than 30 years in the winemaking industry and expertise in customer service, Ms. Morandin is responsible for making wine, promoting her brand and selling bottle products. She must also process her husband’s grapes and purchase grapes from contractors. When she entered the wine industry, she was a young woman in a very male-dominated industry—and an Australian surrounded by very traditional Italians. However, with the help of her positivity and passion, she was able to make these men her friends and mentors, allowing her to perfect her brand and the wine she makes and sells today.

Ms. Morandin is very proud of her product. She is able to capture the essence of European wines, while still maintaining many characteristics of Australian wine. Her dedication to her company has earned her many recognitions and honors, including the gold and silver awards at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair. Looking to the future of her career and company, Ms. Morandin hopes for more brand exposure. Outside of her work, she supports the Riding for the Disabled Association, Hands Across the water, Hanwood Sports Club and her local hospital. In her free time, she enjoys horses, hiking, swimming and going to the ocean.

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