Annie Jones-Holmes

Annie Jones-HolmesTitle: Author, Artistic Director
Company: Joy Revue
Location: Helena, AL United States

Drawing on her strength in creativity and her passion for the arts, Annie Jones-Holmes has worked hard to capture the interests of audiences with her words. Among other things, she has had many public speaking engagements, and is the author of “Beneath the Willow,” which is available at Barnes & Noble, Exlibris and Ms. Jones-Holmes considers her greatest accomplishment to be captivating others and inspiring change within them, and is looking to continue on this path through her second book, which is currently in progress. She hopes to be remembered as someone who was lovable and who gave her whole heart and soul to her work.

As a testament to her success, Ms. Jones-Holmes has received the Appreciation for Meritorious Services from the District Court of Terry County in 2007, the Angel Guardian Award from Alabama Children’s Affairs in 2003, Writer and Producer of the Year for her historic play for the Berean Baptist Church in 1999, and Most Cooperative Member at First Grace Missionary Baptist in 1980. She attributes her achievements to her wisdom, knowledge, and the fact that she surrounds herself with people who understand life. Additionally, Ms. Jones-Holmes is skilled at listening to and encouraging others, as well as cooperating with them. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and going to concerts and restaurants. Ms. Jones-Holmes also supports the John Nixon Sr. Educational Fund and the Terry County Children’s Policy Council, and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, The International Women’s Leadership Association, and the Alabama Children’s Policy Council.

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