Laura Siragusa

Laura SiragusaTitle: Director of Process Research (Retired)
Company: Motorola
Location: Chandler, AZ United States

Tenacious and driven, Laura Siragusa fell into the telecommunications industry, and worked her way up to the top. When she retired, she was the director of process research at Motorola, and had more than four decades of experience. Over the years, Ms. Siragusa became an expert in management, multitasking, and meeting deadlines, making her a valuable asset to her team. She was inspired and motivated by her capability to perform, as well as her goal of reaching a director or vice president role, which she achieved.

The most difficult professional challenge Ms. Siragusa faced was being the only woman in her position, and having men report directly to her. Personally, she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 37, and although she was only given a 20 percent survival rate, she pushed through and beat it. Through that time, Ms. Siragusa continued to work every day, despite the radiation treatments she received. One of the highlights of her career was being part of the project that devised a sensor for a patriotic missile during the Gulf War.

As a testament to her success, Ms. Siragusa was named in the top 5 percent in performance level in the company worldwide, and is an honored delegate of The International Women’s Leadership Association. She also earned several awards, including the Distinguished Leadership Award ASU for contributions to contemporary societies, the CEO Environmental Health and Safety Award, and the MEIP Award for the design and induction of modular packaging.  Looking forward, Ms. Siragusa hopes to be remembered as an accomplished woman in advanced science.

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