Jan Wyatt-Lucha

Title: Food Service Manager, Dietician
Company: Marin County Sheriff Department
Location: Navato, CA United States

Following her passion for helping people, as well as her interest in dietetics and nutrition, Jan Wyatt-Lucha left her position at a hospital to become the food service manager and dietician for the Marin County Sheriff Department, a position she has now held for 20 years.

Prior to working in corrections, Ms. Wyatt-Lucha earned a bachelor’s degree in food science and a master’s degree in nutritional education. She is also a registered dietitian and consultant. In her current position, she is responsible for working with the state of California to implement nutritional guidelines for county facilities and teach the county inspectors. Ms. Wyatt-Lucha’s proudest moment was helping the inmates with their nutritional education in the facility. She has also presented an update of the California Title 15 Standards for meal patterns for county facilities. Additionally, she has helped with menu planning to show how California menus have been modified to meet these standards.

Looking to the future of her career, Ms. Wyatt-Lucha plans to retire soon, but will continue to use her years of knowledge and experience to do work in consulting.

Contact Jan Wyatt-Lucha:

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