Camille Tomlin

Title: Professor
Company: College of the Sequoias
Location: Fresno, CA United States

Originally a journalism major, Camille Tomlin eventually switched to history following the encouragement of a high school teacher. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in history and a master’s degree in museum studies. Ms. Tomlin soon discovered that she loved working with students, and is currently a professor at the College of the Sequoias and Bakersfield College. She teaches colonial history and California history, as well as works with at-risk and disabled students in writing and study skills.

Ms. Tomlin’s biggest challenge as a professor has been being treated professionally by students, and sometimes, administrators. She overcomes these challenges with her perseverance and positive energy. Every day, she is inspired and motivated by the work her students do. She would like to be remembered for being a dynamic speaker, a community leader and an innovative and funny professor.

In addition to her work as a professor, she is on her community’s Women’s History Committee, where she has been fortunate enough to meet many influential women. Looking to the future, Ms. Tomlin will continue teaching history and become more involved in women’s history. She also wants to become more involved in community service.

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