Elisabeth Morgan, Ph.D.

Title: Director of International Initiatives
Company: College of Arts and Sciences, Eastern Michigan University
Location: Ypsilanti, MI United States

Elisabeth Morgan has 30 years of experience in education, and is currently the director of international initiatives for the college of arts and sciences at Eastern Michigan University—a position that she created and developed from the ground up. She is also a tenured ESL/TESOL professor, as well as an ESL coordinator. Additionally, she is also the coordinator for undergraduate studies and is the world languages department head.

Prior to beginning her career as a teacher, Dr. Morgan obtained a Bachelor of Arts in French and English secondary education.  She also has a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language and a Ph.D. in foreign and second language education. She taught English in Japan, and has been asked to host workshops in Peru, Honduras and Namibia.

After seven years of hard work, Dr. Morgan’s “one-woman-office” has become a fully-fledged international program. She is responsible for developing partnership agreements with universities in other countries and advising incoming exchange students and partnership students on academics and other issues.  She must also assist with bringing visiting scholars to the university, as well as planning and hosting international events.

Dr. Morgan attributes her success to her passion and dedication, as well as her curiosity about other world views, cultures and languages.

Contact Dr. Elisabeth Morgan:

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