Janette Ward

Title: Owner & Manager
Company: Jan’s Engraving
Location: Sunbury, VIC Australia

As the owner and manager of Jan’s Engraving, Janette Ward is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations for the business and speaking with clients about what they desire on their products. She is also responsible for the engraving done with electrical contractors and data companies, as well as the trophies that are done for a range of local clubs.

Ms. Ward has been in the business for more than 20 years, and is best noted for her trophies, prompt service and her ability to have requested orders complete in 24 hours. Her company also provides door plaques, switchboard, data and compliance labels, stainless steel plates and name badges. She previously worked as a lab technician and was part of a team that developed plastic technology. Due to a back injury, she was no longer able to perform her job, so she decided to open up her own business so she could maintain her health and take care of her family.

Ms. Ward attributes her success to her enthusiasm and attitude. She also believes that her ability to balance her family and work has helped as well. Both of her parents owned businesses, so she is no stranger to the work and commitment it takes to balance a business and be involved with family. Outside of her work with Jan’s Engraving, she is a regional leader of Girl Guides Australia. When asked if she had advice for younger generations, she emphasized the importance of striving to do the best in whatever they choose to do.

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