Dr. Nicole M. Francis

Francis, NicoleTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Visionary Policy Institute (VPI), LLC
Location: Washington, D.C., United States

In pursuit of her dreams, Nicole M. Francis prepared for her professional journey by receiving a Bachelor of Science in biology, a Master of Education in special education and a Doctorate of Education in program management. She proceeded to begin her career as a biology teacher, was the ARD manager and special education department head for Baltimore City Public Schools, and then became the principal for Northwest Preparatory Academy Charter School, in Houston, Texas. Dr. Francis then transitioned to the role of technical writer, where she could combine her talent for writing with her love for science. Some of her other notable positions include program manager and member of the board of directors for Smart Global Solutions, LLC and the NASA NRESS contract supporting NASA Headquarters.  Following that contact with the aerospace industry in Washington, D.C., she eventually ended up as the president and chief executive officer of the Visionary Policy Institute, LLC, which provides consultation to aerospace and defense government contractors.

As the current president and CEO of VPI LLC, Dr. Francis is responsible for locating and finalizing deals for funding of client projects. She also specializes in consulting high-level leadership within small minority companies in the Washington, D.C. area. Looking to the future of her career, she plans on expanding the business and continuing along this path to see where it takes her.

Dr. Francis acknowledges that she has had to overcome the same struggles as most other women, and has had to work 10 times as hard as a man, just to show that she is competent and can work within her industry. In addition to her many degrees, she is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. In 2013, she also published a collection of poems called “A Journey to Womanhood: Poems from a Girl Grown Up Too Soon.” It is a compilation of the poems she has written since she was a little girl, and spans over 25 years. She constantly finds herself being inspired by her grandmother and children, and is most proud of being a mother. When she is not working, she enjoys good food, fine wine, laughing with family and friends and going to farmer’s markets.

Contact Dr. Nicole M. Francis:

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