Marja Harmer

Harmer, MarjaTitle: President
Company: H & H Real Estate Investments Ltd.
Location: Regina, SK Canada

Marja Harmer is an expert in both finance and real estate. She worked as a financial advisor for many years, but when one of her friends left finance and moved to real estate, she decided to sell her financial planning business to her daughter and get started doing real estate investments. Through H & H Real Estate Investments Ltd, Ms. Harmer and her husband, Garry, own more than 300 doors, worth more than $20M. She also coaches people in network marketing, teaching them how to build their businesses and create their own success.

A lifelong learner, Ms. Harmer has taken mastermind courses, listened to videos and is always looking to educate herself. She uses all of this experience and knowledge to help with her business coaching and network marketing. She loves that through coaching and teaching people, specifically women, how to be financially independent, she will be able to help them achieve the freedom to do whatever they want.

Like most women in finance, Ms. Harmer had to work even harder to prove herself because she was not a part of the “boys’ club.” However, her hard work and dedication to her clients led her to success. Some of the best moments of her professional career came when clients would say to her, “thank you for for coming into our lives.”

Outside of her work, Ms. Harmer is always looking to help people. She is a huge supporter of the Salvation Army because of the help that they gave her and her family when they first moved to Canada. She has set up a trust and puts money into it so that she is constantly giving back to the charity so they can continue to help others. She plans on passing the trust down to one of her daughters when she passes away so her daughter can donate to her own favorite charity. She also supports Habitat for Humanity, the Cancer Society, the Lung Association, the Diabetes Association and the Arthritis Association.

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