Celia Fermon, P.T.

Title: Director
Company: Fermon Balance and Motion
Location: Lomas De Chapultec, Mexico City, Mexico

With 25 years as the director of Fermon Balance and Motion, Celia Fermon is able to follow her dreams of helping high performing athletes through physical therapy. She prepared for this career by earning an undergraduate degree in physical therapy, and has been in the health care field for 28 years. Her work is recognized by doctors all over Mexico.

The biggest challenge Ms. Fermon has faced is not being treated equally to her male counterparts in the industry. Her strong leadership abilities, however, as well as her abilities to work with patients to do new things and spend personal time with them have allowed for her to find continued success. Ms. Fermon’s greatest career accomplishment has been going into life cycle medicine to attain a better quality of life. She also had cancer and beat it, and she performs health coaching services to assist others. She is constantly being inspired by her son, who is currently finishing up his degree.

Looking to the future of health care and physical therapy, Ms. Fermon hopes that there will be more public education on health and prevention. She also wants to continue to grow her new company, where she holds workshops and instructs others on how best to manage their health. She hopes to be remembered for taking care of people and helping them to grow.

As a way to continue helping others in need, Ms. Fermon does sliding fee and pro-bono work with the less fortunate who cannot afford the services at her office, and she supports local people and art in Mexico. She is currently a fellow at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School, as well as a member of the American Sports Association. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, reading, running and spending time with friends.

Contact Celia Fermon:

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