Sally P. Moore

Moore, SallyTitle: President, Executive Director
Company: Perks N Moore, Inc.
Location: Boynton Beach, FL United States

Motivated by her 12 years as an Alzheimer’s caregiver, as well as the wisdom and love she received from her parents, husband and fellow caregivers, Sally Moore decided to start Perks N Moore, Inc. In 1983, her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and less than 10 years later, her husband was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s. Mrs. Moore devoted her life to caring for both of them, but in 1994, her mother died, and 21 months later, her husband died as well. After her husband’s death, the caregiver group she was a part of asked her to be their Anchor of Hope and assist them during their journey through the maze of Alzheimer’s with their loved ones. By listening to them and responding to their needs appropriately, Mrs. Moore hoped to increase their health and well-being, reduce stress and isolation, and restore peace and joy to their daily lives. These caregivers led her to continue on in the field, and eventually start her own nonprofit organization.

Mrs. Moore attributes her success in these endeavors to her choice to return to college at the age of 51. The return was not easy, as she had been isolated from the rest of the world for more than a decade while she was caring for her mother and husband. Mrs. Moore ended up graduating with a Master of Social Work from Barry University in 2001, bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Saint Leo University in 2000, and becoming a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Florida in 2009. After a year of applications and interviews, she was offered a position in the dementia unit of a nursing home. She spent two years there, and then applied for and accepted a position as a nursing home team social worker.

During her employment, Mrs. Moore found that caregivers were often ignored by professionals, so in her last 18 months in hospice care, she took courses that would allow her to open her own agency, which she did after her retirement in 2011. This agency is designed to cater solely to caregivers by providing them with the services they so desperately need and deserve. Mrs. Moore uses Perks N Moore as the stability and calm she knows caregivers need. She offers workshops and educational courses to help other caregivers, as well as “pampering” and meditation in order to help caregivers feel their best, so that they can better take care of their loved ones. Further, Mrs. Moore started a new program, Phoenix, for the caregivers she’s helped whose loved ones have died. It is meant to help them process their grief and assist them with finding meaning in the rest of their lives. All programs and workshops were created from caregiver ideas and are caregiver approved.

With her hands-on experience with being a caregiver, as well as caring for caregivers, Mrs. Moore is an expert in integrity and the ability to think outside the box. She has chronicled her journey as a caregiver in four books, “One Word: an Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Journal,” “Two Tears: an Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Journal,”Three Hearts: an Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Journal,” and “Four Joy: an Alzheimer’s Caregiver’s Journal,” and is currently working on a fifth. Her hard work and dedication to her career have garnered her accolades such as 2012’s Pinnacle Professional of the Year from Continental Who’s Who and NAPW’s Woman of the Year for 2011-2012. Additionally, Mrs. Moore was featured on Closeup TV Radio in a series of 12 interviews hosted by Doug Llewellen and Jim Masters in 2013, and was interviewed by Spot Lite Radio and Women’s Radio Network in 2014. She remains involved in her field through her membership with the National Association of Social Workers, the National Association of Christian Social Workers, the National Association of Professional Women, and The International Women’s Leadership Association, and her lifetime membership with Continental Who’s Who.

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