Debra McKeever

McKeever, DebraTitle: Veterans’ Service Representative
Company: Veterans Affairs
Location: Houston, TX United States

Driven by her desire to help others, Debra McKeever has been a government employee for more than three decades. As a veterans’ service representative, she is responsible for processing claims for veterans’ disabilities. She chose this career path because she too is a veteran, and found that this to be the best way to help, sympathize and understand the illnesses of her fellow veterans.

Ms. McKeever is proud of the fact that she has gotten this far in her career, despite not finishing her degree. She prepared for her government career by attending a six-week training program, as well as completing supplemental training. Her ability to talk to people with diverse backgrounds has served her well in her position.

In recognition of her achievements, Ms. McKeever’s career was honored with a 30-Year Pin from the Veteran Association. She wants to be remembered as the person who young people came to for advice, with the knowledge that she has their best interests at heart. Professionally, Ms. McKeever hopes to be promoted up to the GS-12 pay grade, as well as mentor youth. She is a member of the American Federal Government Employee Association and The International Women’s Leadership Association, and enjoys conversing with people, playing card games and ceramics.

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