Jeanne Bourdages

Bourdages, JeanneTitle: President (Retired)
Company: Les Cheminees Gamelin
Location: Quebec City, QC Canada

Originally a nurse, Jeanne Bourdages eventually moved to the construction industry and received her license in general contracting and masonry work. She went on to open her own chimney maintenance, repair, installation and evaluation company, Les Cheminees Gamelin, with a partner, André Lachance. After garnering  30 years in the field, Ms. Bourdages became an expert in working with chimneys, fireplaces and masonry, and although she is now retired, her company has become a leader in the Quebec region.

 Ms. Bourdages loves helping people, which is why she initially pursued a career in nursing, and worked as an oncology nurse. After founding Les Cheminees Gamelin, she began to help people in a different way. The company has grown significantly from its original few hundred customers, and now satisfies more than 30,000 in the area and employs 20 people on a regular basis, thanks to the leadership of Ms. Bourdages. Company contractors specialize in sweeping, repair of any type of fireplace, sale and installation of heating equipment, gutter cleaning, installation of guard leaves, snow removal, roofing, masonry and masonry waterproofing. Additionally, the company is a member of the Professional Association of Heating; and is approved by the CAA Habitation.

As the construction industry is definitely a male-dominated field, Ms. Bourdages had to work twice as hard to prove herself. She wants to be remembered in her early career as a nurse that helped to install a medical system for the government in every hospital. In her later career, she wants to be remembered for helping people with their chimney and construction needs. When Ms. Bourdages has free time, she loves to travel and read.

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