Maria de los Angeles Echevarria, MD

Title: Internal Medicine Doctor
Company: Consultorio Medico Echevarria
Location: Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Maria de los Angeles Echevarria is fluent in both English and Spanish, which has come in handy in her more than three decades of experience as an internal medicine doctor at Consultorio Medico Echevarria. As a woman in the medical field, she has had to work much harder than the male doctors she has worked with. She would advise younger generations entering the medical field to be patient because the industry is still male dominated—but if they work hard, they can succeed.

Dr. de los Angeles Echevarria is motivated by the respect she receives from her patients and loving what she does. Providing the best health care possible is her mission. Dr. de los Angeles Echevarria believes that giving good medical care is just a part of the circle of life, and she is grateful that she is able to make a difference in other people’s lives. Some of the best moments of her career have been when she is walking  through the hospital and the family members come up to her and tell her that she treated their mother or father a year ago, but they are doing better now.

The biggest obstacle that Dr. de los Angeles Echevarria has faced is juggling family time and working. This was hard to do while she was completing her residency, but it is very important to her to spend time with her family. This is why she is inspired by her children, as she wants them to see her not only as a good doctor, but as a good mother and provider as well.

Looking forward, Dr. de los Angeles Echevarria hopes to be remembered for the quality of care she gives her patients. She has received the Excellent Service Award for her work with Consultorio Medico Echevarria. When she is not working, she loves to travel.

Contact Maria de los Angeles Echevarria:

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