Karen Meyer

Meyer, KarenTitle: Author
Company: Self-Employed
Location: Plymouth, WI United States

A self-employed author, Karen Meyer has already self-published two books, which have appealed to both children and adults. She is currently working on a third book, which deals with rhyming for children.

Before she began her career as an author, however,  Meyer worked with preschoolers and as a program coordinator. She wrote songs and dramas for her classes and taught Christian education, along with Sunday school for many years. Meyer chose this career path because she was always writing in high school, and was encouraged by her English teacher. This is her passion.

One day, Meyer’s grandson asked her all sorts of questions about hyenas, so she took him to the zoo so they could learn about them together. This is what gave her the inspiration for her first book, “Hootch,” which is about a spotted hyena that wants to travel far lands and explore new places. She is currently working on introducing her “Hootch” fantasy book to libraries.

Meyer says that writing comes naturally to her, so her biggest challenge is staying organized and getting the book done, so she can publish it. Her greatest strength is her ability to bring joy to others. She wants to be remembered as a Christian, a grandmother and an author. Looking to the future, she hopes to keep writing children’s books.

In addition to her work as an author, Meyer supports Christian Missions in Africa. She is also very active in her Church—she attends bible class and her husband is the church organist. An avid baker, she is proud of her famous cherry pie, for which she received a first place prize. In her leisure, she enjoys writing, walking, gourmet cooking and bird watching.

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