Carolyn Miller

Miller, CarolynTitle: Owner
Company: Willowbank Equestrian Center
Location: Plantagenet, ON Canada

In preparation for her long and fruitful career, Carolyn Miller earned a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Queens University in 1961. Ten years later, she received a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the University of Western Ontario. Combining this strong medical background with her great respect for life and passion for horses, she opened the Willowbank Equestrian Center, which provides equestrian programs for health promotion and equine therapy.

As the owner of Willowbank Equestrian Center and a Centered Riding TM instructor, Dr. Miller is responsible for designing and implementing equestrian programs for people from ages 4-75. She is also working on developing programs for people with post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as working on building a new barn to replace the old one.

Dr. Miller attributes her success to her ability to bring together the science and human connection, as well as share the epidemiology of those connections. She also enjoys developing the relationships between humans and horses. Dr. Miller considers her greatest accomplishment thus far to be the feedback that she received from her customers, which she finds to be very rewarding. She loves being able to see her clients establish relationships with her horses, and “bloom” as a result of the this relationship and the equine therapy.

Looking to the future of her work, Dr. Miller hopes to  receive more financial support and continue working to market her business. She also wants to continue building and creating stress-relief programs that harbor the mind-body connection. Ultimately, she would also love to help all who suffer from PTSD re-enter society and lead independent and productive lives.

Dr. Miller is inspired on a daily basis by her love for life and its complexities. She also wants to be a remembered as a valuable person. In addition to owning and working with her own business, Dr. Miller is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and is an instructor and volunteer of Therapeutic Riding Ottawa.

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