Adrienne C. Sabourin

Sabourin, AdrienneTitle: Founder, President
Company: Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation
Location: Calgary, AB Canada

With a background in social work and 27 years of experience in her field, Adrienne Sabourin became involved in the profession because she has always been a people person. She opened Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation in 1989, which is a social organization for adults with disabilities that promotes self-sufficiency and growth.

Ms. Sabourin considers herself to be an expert in relationship building and work ethic, and attributes her success to her trust and generosity. She is constantly inspired by the individuals she helps through her business. Ms. Sabourin would like to be remembered as the type of person who was approachable, friendly, caring and always did whatever it takes to help others. She is constantly working to promote the dignity and life skills that the disabled community deserves to have and maintain to the public.

The proudest moments in Ms. Sabourin’s career have been her work with community living and Cookies On The Go, which is a baked goods delivery service whose funds also support the Calgary Progressive Lifestyles Foundation. She has also been honored by the Game Changer Award from the Scotia Bank. Always looking to help those who need it most,  she is also a member of the Calgary Chamber Volunteer Organization, Respect for Environment and All People and the Service Provider Council. Furthermore, Ms. Sabourin volunteers with the Dragon Boat Club, and enjoys reading. Looking to the future, she hopes to continue her work and helping Calgary’s disabled community to the best of her abilities.

Contact Adrienne C. Sabourin:

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