Irene Bilinski

Bilinski, IreneTitle: Real Estate Agent
Company: RE/MAX Hallmark
Location: Ottawa, ON Canada

After holding a variety of sales positions and looking for new challenges, Irene Bilinski settled into real estate, where she has been for the past 11 years.  Her main focus is selling residential homes, and she also does some marketing and networking. Her business is built on referrals from friends, family and past clients.

A seasoned realtor working with both sellers and buyers, Ms. Bilinski believes her greatest strengths to be her truthfulness and her ability to communicate well with clients. She also acknowledges that knowledge, experience and patience are very important qualities that one must possess to work with the general public.  Furthermore, Ms. Bilinski is always accessible to her clients through her phone because it is important to her to build a relationship with her clients, not just sell or buy a house with them.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Bilinski measures her success by her happiness, and right now, she is very happy. She always tries to remain positive and live life to the fullest. Inspired by her father, who came to Canada from Europe and was a prisoner of war, she is always trying to find new opportunities to expand her horizons. She hopes to be remembered as a woman who always tried new things and thought outside the box.

Looking to the future, Ms. Bilinski feels she has finally found a career where she wants to stay, and plans on working in real estate until she is 95 years old, taking each day as it comes. Following her father’s advice to always help those in need, she raises money for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Ms. Bilinski also gives to a heart institute and donates privately. In her free time, she enjoys shopping with friends, traveling and reading. She is also a motorcyclist.

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