Tammy Castelino

castelino-tammyTitle: Authorized Member
Company: Money Sense Property Solutions, LLC
Location: Stamford, CT United States

A serial entrepreneur, Tammy Castelino has started all of her businesses based on a need she observed. When one of her family members needed some help and a place to live, she began to develop Money Sense Property Solutions, LLC, a real estate investment company. Now, with two decades of experience behind her, Ms. Castelino is thriving as she serves the people of her community in her new endeavor. She hopes to see more consideration given to people who need to sell their home in a short sale or foreclosure situation moving forward.

To prepare for her career, Ms. Castelino earned a bachelor’s degree in technology management using streamlined automated processes. She also holds an associate of applied science and completed coursework at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Furthermore, Ms. Castelino garnered experience in a variety of industries, including automotive accessories, which helped her develop strengths in networking, solving problems, and multitasking. She attributes her ongoing success and longevity to these skills, as well as her perseverance.

Above all professional achievements, however, Ms. Castelino is most proud of her family. Her husband has been her biggest supporter, always offering encouragement and advice. Ms. Castelino’s two sons are doing very well for themselves, and she would like to bring them into the business and eventually have them take over. Looking to the future, Ms. Castelino hopes to be remembered for her commitment to family and community. In addition to Money Sense Property Solutions, she also supports the United Methodist Church and Holy Smoke Ministry, and is the president of education and interpretation for United Methodist Women of NY and CT.

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