Heidi Thibodeau

Thibodeau, HeidiTitle: Vice President of New Business Development
Company: Wiland
Location: Temple, NH United States

Initially, Heidi Thibodeau began her career past as a temp doing direct marketing through the mail for a non-profit mailer.  No idea this was going to be her career, she then spent almost 17 years working for a List Brokerage company in the retail/catalog/e-tail space, in both mail and the digital space.  In 2011, she received her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on management from Colorado Technical University, as well as moved to her new position as Vice President of New Business Development at Wiland.  Here, she has worked in the Consumer Merchandise and Services verticals to help companies grow their customer base and business.

In the past, Ms. Thibodeau has worked with both startups and larger, more established companies to help them achieve their marketing goals and build their businesses.  When it comes to marketing, she has perfected the art of listening and presenting the ideas that will help her clients achieve the goals they have set.  When people judge her and say she can’t do something, it only inspires Ms. Thibodeau that much more to prove them wrong.  It is this determination and dedication that allowed her to be promoted to vice president, despite not having a college degree at the time.  To this day, that is still one of the greatest points of pride in her career.

Community service and volunteering is also a big part of her daily life.  She focuses her volunteering with military families, veterans, kids programs as well as local direct marketing groups.  Ms. Thibodeau is the previous President of the NH State Council for Family Programs for the NH National Guard.  She also spent 6 years as the lead for the Family Readiness Group for one of the NH National Guard units, helping the families make it through two separate deployments. Further, she volunteers with the local Kiwanis group and has been on the board off and on through her 13 years with the group.

In recognition of her hard work and dedication, Ms. Thibodeau has been awarded the NH State Volunteer award by the National Guard Family, as well as the Distinguished Volunteer of the year.  AmVets awarded her the National Volunteer of the Year from in 2012.  She plans to stay involved with the military programs and families moving forward, as well as with politics to help the country as a whole if the opportunities come along.

Contact Heidi Thibodeau:

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