Sandra Smith

Title: Chief Executive Officer, Travel Concierge
Company: SassCGalleria of Travel
Location: Ellicott City, MD United States

After retiring from a 30-plus year career in law enforcement—where she was even recognized with an award for Outstanding Achievement as a Special Drug Enforcement Agent—Sandra Smith decided to try her hand at being an entrepreneur. Following a lifelong passion for traveling, and after taking numerous classes and receiving the necessary certifications, she founded the travel and tourism company, SassCGalleria of Travel.

With five years in the travel industry, Ms. Smith considers her areas of expertise to be destination weddings, exotic travel, river cruises, Sandals Resorts and Disney. She is also very skilled at booking large groups, cruises and providing a concierge level of service. Ms. Smith is constantly being inspired by her clients, and with every phone call or thank you note she receives, she feels validated in what she does. She loves her career, and hopes to continue to promote herself as a professional, as well as align the millennials with tourism. In addition to her work as a travel agent, Ms. Smith is also the state president of the American Association of University Women, a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association, and a certified makeup artist.

Contact Sandra Smith:

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