Maureen O’Leary Terenzi

Title: Finance Manager
Company: Welch Foods
Location: Medford, MA United States

After earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Maureen O’Leary Terenzi chose a career in finance because she loves working with numbers and the stories they tell. She has been the finance manager of Welch’s Foods for 20 years now. Every day she is inspired by the company’s commitment to care for its employees.

Passionate about her work, the highlight of Ms. O’Leary Terenzi’s career so far has been updating an antiquated system with a new one that completes the work they need much faster. She attributes her success to her ability to multitask, as well as the mentors that she has encountered along the way. As she continues her position as finance manager, she hopes to grow more well-rounded in her skill set, as well as continue balancing her family and career.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. O’Leary Terenzi feels that being able to hold diverse jobs within the company has contributed to her success. The advice she can share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce is to like what you do, because you should want a career, not a job. She also encourages them to embrace the challenges and learn from them.

Contact Maureen O’Leary Terenzi:

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