Amy Giovannone

Giovannone, AmyTitle: Public Affairs Manager, Business Development Associate
Location:  Cortland, OH United States

Before deciding to enter the oil and gas industry in 2012, Amy Giovannone earned a Master of Arts in art and taught composition writing at Youngstown State University. Since then, she has been active in various areas, including abstracting, mineral rights consulting and environment. Ms. Giovannone now works as a public affairs manager and business development associate for her own company. Additionally, she serves on the board of directors for a nonprofit organization that she began in memory of her daughter, called Solace of the Valley.

Ms. Giovannone’s greatest challenge is being taken seriously within her industry because of her gender. Her knowledge of the industry and ability to diffuse situations, find logical solutions, work with various levels of professional people and make long-lasting connections, however, have helped her succeed despite the challenges. She also finds inspiration in the memory of her daughter and in herself as well.

She wants to be remembered for having integrity, honesty, humor, but most of all “heart,” while trying making a difference in this world. Looking ahead, Ms. Giovannone intends to continue working in the oil and gas industry. She will also be publishing her book, “Tragically Blessed,” and turning it into a screenplay.

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