Lori Krafft

Krafft, LoriTitle: Owner
Company: JAWCO Graphics
Location: Santa Fe Springs, CAUnited States

As the owner and operator of JAWCO Graphics, Lori Krafft does not feel that she experiences challenges in her career because she loves her job. She loves staying current with changing industry trends, and she always looks forward to learning new skills. Ms. Krafft began her career as a hair dresser, then worked as a receptionist in a manufacturing company, where she eventually moved up to manager. After, she built and taught computers to other professionals. When the printing business and promotional advertising distributor JAWCO Graphics went up for sale in 2006, buying the company was a no-brainer, as her husband had worked there for 25 years. He works as the graphic artist, and Ms. Krafft runs the business, which has become her greatest career accomplishment.

Ms. Krafft wants to be remembered as a woman of her word. She hopes to continue running the business with her husband, as it is something they both enjoy. The advice she would share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce is not to rely upon school to get you a job, and to remember that experience will help you find what you love to do. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and traveling.

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