Jacqueline Hufford-Jensen

Title: Senior Manager, Database Administration
Company: LifeLock, Inc.
Location: Chandler, AZ United States

After receiving a Bachelor plus degree in computer science, Jacqueline Hufford-Jensen gained 25 years of experience in her field, and eventually became the senior manager of database administration for LifeLock, Inc, a position she has now held for three years. She chose this career because it came naturally for her and her strengths of technical and architectural skills, as well as her determination and persistence.

Ms. Hufford-Jensen’s greatest accomplishment in her career so far has been owning her own company and working with Think Tank. Inspired by her own inner drive, she hopes to continue to grow her career and to be remembered as someone who made a difference. She works in a male-dominated field, and attributes her success to never giving up. Similarly, the advice she would give to the younger generation of women entering the workforce today is to  not to get discouraged and always continue learning.

Outside of her work with LifeLock, she participates in the National Association of Professional Women, the Dessert Botanical Gardens, Arizona State University’s Gammage Theater and Mountain View Lutheran Church. In her spare time, she enjoys philanthropy, travel, cooking, fine wine and reading.

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