Heidi Cervantes

Heidi CervantesTitle: Architect
Company: FitzGerald Associates Architects
Location: Chicago, IL United States

Architecture had always fascinated Ms. Cervantes while she was growing up, and with more than 15 years in the field, she is currently an architect for FitzGerald Associates Architects. Her expansive imagination and ability to imagine what conceptualize has made her the perfect fit as an architect for the firm. She has skills and knowledge in urban planning, sustainable design and code and design building. She believes that her patience, hard work and optimism have helped her get where she is in her life today. She has gained plenty of hands-on experience that has helped her grow as an architect and increase her skill set.

Ms. Cervantes is constantly being inspired by her parents, who made tremendous sacrifices to ensure that she and her brother received every possible opportunity while growing up. They encourage her to never settle, and she attributes her success to her exemplary example they have set as both people and parents. In addition to her work as an architect, she is also a member of the International Women’s Leadership Association, the Chicago Real Estate Women and the National Association of Professional Women. She is also the member of a committee that works with the Off the Street Club to mentor high school girls.

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