Ellen Welter-Meiseles

Title: Manager
Company: LegalShield
Location: Santa Clarita, CA United States

Starting her career as a licensed commodities exchange trader, and only one of five women licensed to sell and trade on the commodities exchange, Ellen Welter-Meiseles now works as a manager for the legal services company LegalShield. She started her position here after speaking with a representative of the company, and realizing how important their services are. She enjoys being able to help people get the protection they need at an affordable rate. She owns her own bookkeeping business as well.

Ms. Welter-Meiseles is a deaf woman with a cochlear implant. But despite her disability, she is a good listener, and has a great deal of empathy and compassion. She attributes her years of success to her tenacity, and was constantly inspired by her late husband, who always encouraged her to “go for it.”

In five years, Ms. Welter-Meiseles intends to become a platinum executive director. She wants to be remembered as someone who was always helping people, and would like to educate those in need, especially women, on the importance of legal and identity theft protection. In addition, she also supports the Alzheimer’s Foundation. In her spare time, she enjoys riding motorcycles.

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