Julia Castillo

Title: Executive Director
Company: Cultural Center Perello
Location: Piantini, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Julia Castillo very much wants to help her people, as her origin is very important to her. She started her career as a diplomat in Costa Rica for eight years, and then spent 10 years as an art consultant. Ms. Castillo enhanced her hands-on experience with a master’s degree in arts and administration from Columbia University and an undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts. This unique and illustrious background led her to her current role at Cultural Center Perello, where she has spent the past five years.

Cultural Center Perello is a project to rehabilitate the southern portion of the Dominican Republic. There, they offer programs to learn English and weekend workshops for children, as well as an exhibit room used as an art gallery. This is all free for the community, and is sponsored by a wealthy family that wanted to invest in the culture of the country and sponsor new possibilities. During Ms. Castillo’s time there, she has created a network between the cultural center and the Dominican Republic Society and has completed a variety of fundraising projects.  She has a lot of positive energy and enjoys helping people through the arts and culture, so she considers being part of this project to be her greatest accomplishment. Although it wasn’t always easy, Ms. Castillo feels respected for her work, profession, and role. She hopes to be remembered as a woman who spent most of her life doing for others with passion and love.

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