Janice K. Russell

Janice RussellTitle: Finance Director
Company: Interstate Batteries
Location: Plano, TX United States

After switching from engineering to accounting due to a love for numbers, Janice Russell worked in various finance manager and director positions before eventually settling into her position as finance director for Interstate Batteries in 2015. As the finance director, she must work with the president of distributor operations to ensure the overall success and growth of the company.

Ms. Russell is extremely proud of her ability to be a mother and have a successful career. She attributes this success to her perseverance and inner drive. As a woman in today’s world, Janice feels that developing relationships with the men she works with, and having a connection with them has also contributed to her success.  Ms. Russell’s mother worked as a police officer during the 1970’s, and seeing her mother succeed in a male-dominated field inspired her to strive to do the same.

The advice Ms. Russell can give to the younger generation of women entering the workforce today is not to give up. This is the same advice she gives her daughter who is going to school for forensic chemistry—another male dominated industry. In addition to her work with Interstate Batteries, Ms. Russell is a member of the Financial Executives International and a delegate of The International Women’s Leadership Association. She also enjoys running half-marathons, spending time with family, and supporting her local church.

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