Dagmar Glasman

Title: Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
Company: Dagmar’s
Location: Bradenton, FL, United States

When Dagmar Glasman divorced from her husband, she decided to leave everything behind, start over, and move from Germany to the United States at the age of 55. It was only then that she began Dagmar’s, a construction company based out of Bradenton, Florida.

Due to her previous experience in real estate, Ms. Glasman considers herself to be an expert in people skills and sales. She had previously owned her own business, which helped when she decided to start Dagmar’s. When she was still in Germany, her (then) husband worked with luxury cars, especially Porsches. She helped him with the buying, selling, marketing and detailing of the cars. Through this work, she knows all about classic luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Jaguars and Porsches. She also has a lot of knowledge about classic cars from 1914 to the 1980’s.

Although Ms. Glasman is now retired, she wouldn’t change a thing about her career. She believes that people must go through a journey because it gets them to where they need to be. Although it was hard to start over in a new country on her own, she is extremely proud that she was not only able to begin a new life for herself, but she succeeded in creating her own business as well. She takes comfort in the knowledge that there is a lot of learning to do in life, and if one is open to the changes life can bring—as she was—one can obtain a wide knowledge and a wide opening of opportunities they never realized existed.

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