Terrie S. Lopez

West Wendover ElementaryTitle: Teacher
Company: West Wendover Elementary School
Location: West Wendover, NV United States

Driven by her love of learning, Terrie Lopez decided she wanted to instill that same passion in the future generations. She made that dream a reality, and with 16 years in the academic arena behind her, she is flourishing as a teacher at West Wendover Elementary School. Ms. Lopez loves having the opportunity to work with children. She attributes her success to her sixth grade teacher, who inspired her to grow.

Ms. Lopez prepared for her professional endeavors by earning a Master of Science in literacy and reading from Walden University and a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education from Great Basin College. She also garnered experience teaching first and second grade at Spring Creek Christian Academy for three years and serving as a substitute teacher in the West Wendover school district for nine years. Looking forward, Ms. Lopez intends to further her career by pursuing a doctorate in special education with a lien toward autism.

When Ms. Lopez isn’t working, she volunteers as a Sunday school teacher at Livingston Church, and is a founding member of Lopez Mission. She is also an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

Contact Terrie Lopez

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