Roseanne Magliato

Title: President
Company: 1) Blisset 2) E Bliss
Location: Carlstadt, NJ United States

Working at her father’s trucking business as a kid inspired Roseanne Magliato to start her own messenger service in New York City in 2001. They started out delivering by foot and bicycle, but as it grew, she needed to expand. Now, Ms. Magliato’s business, Blisset, offers trucking, freight forwarding, transportation, and warehousing services. Their customized solutions are aimed at improving the flow of goods and reducing shipping and delivery costs.

A recent addition to Ms. Magliato’s repertoire is E Bliss, a company that provides trucking and warehousing software. She considers the technology they are developing and marketing to be her greatest accomplishment thus far. Ms. Magliato first created it for personal use in her business, and discovered that customers were interested in using it as well. She saw this as a good opportunity to expand, and her strong marketing skills helped make her vision a reality.

As a woman in today’s world, Ms. Magliato attributes her success to her father, who inspired her to succeed. He taught her the business from his perspective, which she then supplemented with courses and webinars in logistics and related areas. In recognition of her excellence, Ms. Magliato has been honored as the Best Trucking Service in New Jersey since 2013, and is a valued member of The International Women’s Leadership Association and WBENC. She would advise the younger generations to have a good work ethic and integrity, and to never give up.

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