Christine Howland

Christine HowlandTitle: Owner
Company: Howlin Properties, LLC
Location: Arvada, CO United States

After 26 years of service, Christine Howland retired from the U.S. Army and was looking for a career change. She saw that becoming a real estate investor was a financially-beneficial choice, so she attended some seminars and decided to get involved. Ms. Howland proceeded to start her own company, Howlin Properties, LLC, and is working toward financial independence. She attributes her success thus far to her perseverance and persistence.

In addition to her career in the real estate sector, Ms. Howland currently serves as a deputy sheriff in Colorado. She has also had the opportunity to mentor and help others, which she considers to be her greatest achievement. Although respect to women in her male-dominated fields is sometimes lacking, Ms. Howland’s hard-headed nature inspires her to never quit, and her attention to detail help her thrive. She hopes to be remembered for being an honest, caring person.

When Ms. Howland isn’t working, she enjoys sporting events and going to the movies. She also participates with the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and the Military Women’s Veterans Law Enforcement Association. Further, Ms. Howland supports the American Cancer Society and Habitat for Humanity, and is a member of The International Women’s Leadership Association.

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