Carla V. Fountain

Carla FountainTitle: CEO, Owner
Company: The Winning Alliance Group
Location: Rialto, CA United Sates

Carla Fountain has more than 28 years of experience in Human Resource management and personal development. When she retired from human resources in health care, she decided to open The Winning Alliance Group to share her knowledge and help others reach their goals. She spent 13 years as a human resource specialist and 10 years as a recruitment and retention development coach. Through her company, she provides personal and professional transitional services through individual coaching, group workshops and educational seminars.

Ms. Fountain prepared for this career by obtaining certification in Neuro-linguistic programming therapy. In addition, she is a spiritual care advisor and a meditation advisor,
as well as an ordained minister of the Women of Spirited Hearts. She believes her greatest strengths are her communication and customer service skills. She can read people very well, which helps her figure out where an individual is and where he/she wants to be.

Ms. Fountain attributes her success to her personal development. She is all about women understanding their gifts, and wants to use her gifts to help others discover their own. Finally coming to understand her abilities and share that knowledge with others through her teachings and resources is one of her proudest accomplishments, both personally and professionally.

Looking to the future, Ms. Fountain wants to create a legacy for her children and grandchildren. She looks forward to showing children and young adults how challenges are the doorway to achieving self-mastery. Ms. Fountain hopes to make a global impact, so that she can say she helped to make this world a better place. In addition to her work with The Winning Alliance Group, she is certified as a 2-Degree Re-Hu-Tek practitioner of healing, as well as a 2-Degree Reiki therapist to assist the body in its’ natural healing process and restore physical and emotional well-being. She is also an Independent Marketing Representative for 5LINX Enterprises, holds the position of Executive Director and is a member of the Agape International Spiritual Center, MetaStudies Institute, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Center of Being Ministry.  In her free time, she enjoys natural healing techniques such as Crystal and Aroma therapy, and is currently an active member and supporter of the Etherean Mission Mystical Living program in Ghana, West Africa.

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