Susan Y. Sandberg, MA, MS, CPIM, CPM, CFM

Susan SandbergTitle: Director of Consulting Services (Retired)
Company: Oracle
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah United States

With more than 35 years in the information technology sector, Susan Sandberg became involved in her field after meeting her mentor while on the Northwest Alaskan Pipeline. They developed a computer program for the pipeline together, which inspired her to delve into the industry. To further her career, Ms. Sandburg earned a Master of Arts in communications and media from the University of Utah and a Master of Science in information systems from Brigham Young University. In addition, she is also a certified professional information manager.

Prior to working for Oracle, Ms. Sandberg worked for Unisys for 10 years and started working with six executives from other companies. She has experience in numerous industries, including oil and gas, manufacturing, electronics, distribution, wood, outsourcing, retail, and aerospace as well. Although she has retired from her  position as the director of consulting services at Oracle, she still serves as an independent consultant and offers consulting services on an as-needed basis.

Ms. Sandberg feels that her greatest career achievement career was winning the U.S. Presidential Award for having the most creative design of a large project system. She attributes her success to her mentor, who was an extremely professional and educated woman. She is separated from her peers by her personality and how it fits into the business, as well as her skills and experience, which contribute to the overall corporation.

Ms. Sanberg is a member of Association for Professional Computing in Manufacturing, a former member of the Association for Manufacturing Technology and a grandfathered member of the Computers Professional Management. Additionally, she spends her spare time mentoring the younger generation of women entering the workforce. In the future, Ms. Sandberg aspires to conduct genealogical work and continue her consulting.

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