Katherine Hart, BS, MT (ASCP)

Mercy FirstTitle: Medical Technologist
Company: Mercy Laboratory Services,
Smith Glynn Callaway Clinic
Location: Springfield, MO United States

Over the past 52 years, Katherine “Kitsy” Hart has garnered a vast array of experience in laboratory operations and services. Now a veteran of the industry, she continues to utilize her knowledge in her role as a medical technologist at Mercy Laboratory Services/Smith Glynn Callaway Clinic. There, Ms. Hart’s peers rely on her to help provide laboratory services for people throughout the specialized ministries they serve, as well as an excess of 400 other clinic and hospital locations. She attributes her success and longevity to her excellent teachers, values, and passion, as well as her upbeat personality and desire to deliver excellent customer and patient care.

In recognition of her achievements, Ms. Hart earned an award for outstanding work and dedication through Elizabeth Dole and is an honored member of The International Women’s Leadership Association. She prepared for her endeavors by earning a bachelor’s degree in zoology with minors in chemistry and microbiology from Iowa State University of Science and Technology in 1996 and becoming a certified medical technologist through the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Looking to the future Ms. Hart intends to mentor others and continue to provide quality services for patients. She remains on top of changes in her field through her affiliation with the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the Ozark Shorthorn Association. Ms. Hart also supports the American Red Cross, is a club leader for 4-H, and is a board member for the Greene County 4H Foundation. When she isn’t working in the medical field, Ms. Hart runs a farm with her husband that has cows, sheep, and goats.

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