Mehtap S. Donuk

Mehtap DonukTitle: Assistant Dean of Campus Life
Company: New York Institute of Technology
Location: Forest Hills, NY United States

The first in her family to graduate college, Mehtap Donuk believes that education has the power to open doors. She was inspired to give back to other first-generation college students by her mentors, and after seeing the positive effects a college administrator could have, she decided to pursue it as a career. Ms. Donuk joined New York Institute of Technology in 2008 as the assistant director of student activities, and naturally progressed to her current role as the assistant dean of campus life. She is the first person to hold this title, which encompasses creating an organizational staffing structure, center policies, procedures, and philosophical approaches to co-curricular advising and leadership development initiatives. Ms. Donuk was also responsible for creating and establishing a marketing plan to increase graduate and undergraduate student participation in campus-wide leadership programs and activities. She is proud of the success of her social media campaign, ‘This Is My Thursday Shirt,’ which worked to improve school pride and spirit.

Looking to the future, Ms. Donuk wants to change campus culture on a regional and national level. She is inspired by the knowledge she’s gained from her experiences and by her desire to empower others to do better. As a testament to her success thus far, Ms. Donuk has received a number of accolades, including the NYIT Student Affairs Values Award and the APCA National Advisor of the Year Award. She hopes to be remembered as a resilient, genuine, and impactful person.

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