Kelly Woods Vaughn

KWVTitle: Executive Director
Company: Catalyst Partners
Location: Reston, VA United States

Before she began working with the Washington, D.C.-based government relations and public affairs firm, Catalyst Partners, Ms. Kelly Woods Vaughn worked in various management and leadership positions for numerous companies. With these roles, she was responsible for a variety of tasks, including establishing and maintaining client relationships, building and overseeing management account teams and developing strategic plans and activities to drive company revenue. Her current company, Catalyst Partners, is focused on helping small businesses, trade associations, non-profits and Fortune 500 companies achieve results and growth both in D.C. and beyond. She has been the executive director there for four years now.

In addition to her work as executive director at Catalyst Partners, she is also the managing director for the  volunteer organization InfraGard National Members Alliance. She works with the InfraGard Members Alliance, the FBI Public-Private Alliance and other government agencies and private sector partners to assist cross-communication and outreach for the InfraGard Program.

Despite her success and many leadership positions, Ms. Vaughn says that her biggest challenge has been working as a woman in a man’s world. She believes that her achievements are due to her desire to keep learning and her willingness to always go the extra mile in her daily life, however.  Looking towards her future, she would love to take her career to the next level, whatever and wherever that may be. Always true to herself, she wants to be remembered as someone who was constantly  working to be the best person she could be. Outside of her very successful career, Ms.Vaughn states that her greatest accomplishment to date is her daughter.

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