Elizabeth Spaeth

Title: Chief Financial Officer
Company: The Markerboard People
Location: Charlotte, MI United States

Elizabeth Spaeth is the chief financial officer of The Markerboard People, a consumer goods provider of dry erase boards, markers and accessories. They also manufacture silk-screened boards for schools and businesses designed by renowned Michigan artist Richard Geer. The company was created, patented and copyrighted by her husband. She prepared to be the CFO through the accounting degree she received in college.

Ms. Spaeth attributes her success to her determination to never quit, a value she learned from a good friend. No matter what the problem, she will not stop until she finds a solution. She also prides herself in her ability to rise against adversarial situations and come back even stronger.

In addition to her work as the CFO, she is a fourth degree black belt in Judo and a two-time Women’s Masters World Judo Champion. She is also a secondary Judo instructor at Michigan State University, and took over and funded the Judo Club at the university. Through the club, she helps to provide scholarships and a venue for teaching self-defense to women.

Further, Ms. Spaeth and her husband created and fund a scholarship for the Jamaican Deaf Village, which helps with the educational and medical needs of the deaf students and residents. Their efforts helped the deaf, who are normally shunned by their communities, earn a driver’s license and drive in Jamaica. She also teaches the women in Jamaica how to sew and make jewelry so they can provide for their families.

Ms. Spaeth names her children as her biggest accomplishment. She is also the proud grandmother of nine grandchildren. Looking to the future, she plans to continue her current CFO position and teach Judo, as well as become a certified Kata judge for national and international competitions.

Contact Elizabeth Spaeth:

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