Helen A. Marshall

Title: Vice President of Human Resources
Company: Campus Apartments
Location: Glenmoor, PA United States

Helen Marshall has been involved in the human resources arena on a national and international level for more than 18 years now. She utilizes this experience in her current position as the vice president of human resources of Campus Apartments, a private firm providing on- and off-campus student housing. In this role, which she has held since 2003, Ms. Marshall oversees safety, strategic alignment, risk management, recruitment, employee development, on-boarding, performance management, policies, procedures, benefits, and regulatory compliance in 23 states.  She is particularly proud of the employees she has helped to grow.

The biggest challenge Ms. Marshall faced along the way was balancing life and work. As a woman in executive roles, she noticed that men are able to focus more on their careers, while women still have families to run. Ms. Marshall hopes to promote a greater understanding of the female employee and increase the company’s responsibility to work with them during absences, such as maternity leave, moving forward. She also plans to look at new partnerships and relationships while enhancing the already high level of insurance services offered by her company. Ms. Marshall is inspired by her son, who she continues to draw strength from and who encourages her to be the best she can be. In recognition of her success, she earned a variety of nominations from The Stevie Awards and was included among the prestigious roster of The International Women’s Leadership Association. Ms. Marshall would like to be remembered for being fair and reliable when the chips were down.

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