Elaine L. Reed, MPA

Elaine ReedTitle: President, Chief Executive Officer
Company: Naples Historical Society Inc.
Location: Naples, FL United States

With more than 25 years of strategic marketing management and economic development experience in the U.S. private sector and on U.S.A.I.D.-funded non-governmental and nonprofit projects abroad, Elaine Reed considers her time with the Naples Historical Society Inc. to be an amalgamation of her professional experiences. She has served the society since 2007, and has since helped it become recognized as a central voice of Naples history. Over the years, Ms. Reed’s role and responsibilities have evolved, from leading the visionary process to recommending strategic direction and organizational standards, but her mission of continued growth has remained the same. This has resulted in unprecedented program and organizational success; membership has tripled, and the society’s net worth has grown by 43.3 percent.

Ms. Reed’s leadership has also led to nine new educational programs and three long-term preservation initiatives that collectively address the community’s youth, residents, old-timers and visitors. She feels the most significant of these contributions is the Naples Historic District Preservation Initiative, which was crafted based on a line of reasoning and insights that affirm the reality of the economic climate in the Naples’ market. The project is ongoing, however, and needs the vocal support of the community to move forward.

In addition to her role with the Naples Historical Society, Ms. Reed also serves on the curriculum advisory board at Hodges University Johnson School of Business and the engineering advisory board at Gulf Coast High School. She also wrote a book, “The Art of Marketing,” which was translated for national distribution in Albania and other Eastern European countries, and contributed to the publication of a U.S. college-based book, “The Manatee vs. the Local Economy.” As a testament to her achievements, Ms. Reed was honored with Harriet Janzen Spirit Award and inclusion into The International Women’s Leadership Association. She attributes her success to her tenacity and to having a clear idea of what she wants to achieve. To prepare for her illustrious journey, Ms. Reed earned an MPA in nonprofit management from Hodges University and an undergraduate degree in marketing from the University of Cincinnati.

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