Jean Walker

Title: Mathematics Tutor
Company: Axiom Educators, LLC
Location: Midlothian, VA Untied States

Math was Jean Walker’s first true love. She initially chose to turn that passion into a career in the business world, but quickly realized she would rather teach instead. Ms. Walker spent the next 18 years living her dream, and received two Teacher of the Year awards for her efforts. She eventually retired from her role, but wanted to continue helping children, so she joined Axiom Educators, LLC. The company was constructed to provide educators with an ally. They specialize in partnering in school districts to provide a collection of intervention services, along with remedial and advanced placement academic support.

Looking forward, Ms. Walker hopes to continue to find ways to help the youth of today. She would love the opportunity to start her own school so that she can reach children who need extra care with their work. Along her journey, Ms. Walker earned a Bachelor of Arts in business and a Master of Arts in education.

Despite all of her professional success, however, Ms. Walker considers her greatest accomplishment to be raising her two wonderful kids by herself. She is very proud of them as people, and attributes her success to her ability to bounce back. Ms. Walker is very resilient, and doesn’t let anything stand in her way. She is inspired by her faith and driven by love.

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